January 23, 2007

Password for Oracle Tutor documents

Please create a Support Request using Oracle Metalink.
One may provide any reason for requesting the patch.
For example, "Need to access Oracle Tutor documents included in the patch. The patch download requires a password"

Choose FTP as the delivery method.
Oracle Support analyst would either e-mail the password for the patch or update the SR with the password. It's as simple as that!!

January 14, 2007

Oracle Tutor Documents for OCP Exam Prep

In my previous posts, I had overlooked the rich content of Oracle Tutor documents as a source of education content available for OCP tests.
Tutor documents are available on Metalink as 'patches'. To download patches, click on 'Patches and Updates' tab. Click on Simple Search link, Select 'Product or Family' and type in "pro". For Patch Type, select "Any" and for platform select "Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Client)".
There are about 125 patches available for download. Of these, browse the one that starts with "Tutor: Patch COURSEWARE" and select the one related to your OCP test. For example, if one is preparing for the workflow exam, the patch to download is 5234642 - 11I/2.6 IMPLEMENT ORACLE WORKFLOW.
One would need a password to download the patches. Passwords are provided by Oracle Support once a Support Request is created for the same. The password provided by Oracle Support is valid for 7 days. On downloading the 'patch' one would find that it is essentially a .zip file consisting of the following: [a] A MS Excel spreadsheet listing the lesson contents [b] Word documents [c] Power Point Presentations. On unzipping the .zip file one would find curriculum and labs for practice.
For those looking for exam preparation content from an authentic source, the tutor documents are one to review at the earliest!