February 24, 2007

What's the Certification Upgrade Path to R12?

Oracle Corporation launched E-Business Suite R12 on January 31, 2007. It is expected that within the next few months organization would slowly move up the adoption curve and start upgrading to R12 and new customers implementing R12.

With Oracle E-Business Suite certification being launched for Release 11i, one wonders about the certification upgrade path to Release 12. Unlike Oracle OCP DBA Certification Track where there used to be a single exam to upgrade certification, I would presume that such a model wouldn't work for EBS since the exam content is so diverse. However, taking into account practical considerations, I would like to suggest to Oracle that there be a single exam for each track to be certified on R12 if one is already certified on R11i. The R12 certification upgrade exam shouldn't be testing basic knowledge as in R11i but only the new features and functionalities.

The Oracle Education team is indeed working overtime on the production release of the EBS OCP exam for R11i and would be again sprinting against the clock to launch a R12 version. Kudos to them!

February 15, 2007

Practice Test for 11i E-Business OCP exams

Oracle University Knowledge Center is a must-visit site if one is preparing for 11i E-Business OCP exams. There are also several practice tests available. Search using the keyword “assessment” and one would find the catalog of tests. Usually there are two levels. Take the ‘Awareness’ level test first before taking the ‘Proficiency’ Level online. These two types of mock tests should serve well to test one’s preparation for the OCP exam.
For example, if one is preparing for 1Z0-212 Oracle Payables 11i Fundamentals, two practice tests that would be worthwhile are '11i10 Payment and Expense Management Implementation Champion Awareness Assessment' and '11i10 Payment and Expense Management Implementation Champion Proficiency Assessment'.

February 3, 2007

E-Business Suite OCP Exams Production Release Shortly Awaited

The E-Business OCP Beta Exams are now closed.
As per the Oracle Education website, the exams have moved into a post-beta review period.
The beta exam questions would be reviewed and evaluated for inclusion in the production exams.
The production exams are expected to be available by mid-March or early April 2007.
The review for the following exams are currently in progress:
1Z0-212 Oracle Payables 11i Fundamentals
1Z0-213 Oracle Receivables 11i Fundamentals
1Z0-222 Oracle Purchasing 11i Fundamentals
1Z0-223 Oracle Order Management 11i Fundamentals
1Z0-231Impement Oracle Workflow 11i
1Z0-232 Oracle 11i Systems Administrator
1Z0-233 Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications

February 2, 2007

Second 11i Certification Production Exam Released

Oracle has released the second 11i production certification exam: 1Z0-211 - Oracle General Ledger 11i Fundamentals. The approximate number of questions for the test would be 76 and duration for the test is 90 minutes. The passing score is 63% which means one has to get at least 48 of the 76 questions correct. As usual, the exam fee is a steep $195. So one needs to be adequately prepared to take the test once only!