April 30, 2007

Blog Reader Aces 1Z0-211 General Ledger Fundamentals Exam

One of our blog reader, Satish N, recently aced the 1Z0-211 General Ledger Fundamentals Exam.
Please read his test taking experiences and tips below:
"2 days ago I took 1Z0-211 General Ledger Fundamentals and managed to clear the exam...
The exam was tougher than what I thought.
Most of the questions are scenario-based (around 90%).
So one should manage the time well because reading and understanding of scenarios will take some time.

Actually I could not attempt 5 question as I was out of time!
My suggestions for preparing for the exam:
1. Read the User Guide thoroughly
2. Tutor docs are very helpful for revision or recap"
Heartiest Congratulations to Satish and other blog readers who have aced the tests recently.
Once again a request to all readers, please share your test taking experiences and sample questions.

April 28, 2007

Please share OCP test taking experiences

Blog readers post comments or write to me how this blog is assisting with the OCP exam preparation. The blog author wants to sincerely request all readers to share their exam experiences. Please e-mail directly to ocp.advisor@gmail.com with your feedback on the nature of questions, topics covered, sample questions and anything that closely resembles a 'brain dump' !

Also if you are one of the world's first "11i E-Biz OCP", please write to the blog author and be featured on this blog. Our blog readers always want to know how you prepared for the exam, your test taking strategies and tips to take takers.

There has been a request for test prep questions on
1Z0-222- Oracle Purchasing 11i Fundamentals. My next blog posting will feature about 25 questions (about one-thirds of questions that one would encounter during the actual exam) that would be a good practice for the exam.

April 24, 2007

Meet one of the world's first Oracle Certified Expert

Oracle has introduced the Oracle Certified Expert program.
This is a new type of specialization certification program from Oracle, which grants credentials that recognize competency in specific technologies, architectures or domains not currently covered in the path-based Certified Associate and Certified Professional credentials.
Some of the parameters are:
Niche oriented – based upon specific products or technologies rather than broad job roles.
Credentials are independent of the current OCA, OCP, OCM hierarchy.
Typically comprises a single comprehensive exam, rather than a series of exams.
Competencies falling under the umbrella of the Expert program may range from foundational skills to mastery of advanced technologies.
May have prerequisites such as an online exam, previous certification or training course attendance.
Topics may include areas identified for certifications that do not fall within Oracle’s previously defined path-based certification model, but are valuable or essential skills that can and should be tested. Successful candidates will be awarded a special Expert Certification designation
For E-Business Suite 11i, the Certified Expert Program covers the following:
Oracle 11i Workflow Certified Expert
Oracle 11i System Administrator Certified Expert
The corresponding exams for the certifications are 1Z0-231: Oracle 11i/2.6 Implementing Workflow and 1Z0-232: Oracle 11i System Administration and Workflow Fundamentals
The blog author happened to write and pass one of the above beta exams and is one of the world's first Oracle Certified Expert!

April 23, 2007

OCP - Hands On Course Requirement Form

The Hands On Course Requirement Form is the final requirement in 11i OCP certification.
Submitting the Hands On Course Requirement Form will accomplish two tasks:
[a] It will trigger a request for Oracle to verify your attendance in an approved hands-on Course.
[b] After your attendance has been verified by Oracle, the form will generate a permanent record in Oracle's and Prometric's certification databases, showing that you have met the requirement. The record will become part of your personal certification history, identifiable as "OCP Hands On Course Requirement".
Enter the Prometric website for Oracle by clicking here
For 11i OCP certification exams, currently hands-on course requirement waivers apply if one passes the exams before May 31, 2007 and submits the waiver forms by July 31, 2007
The waiver form codes are as follows:
finwaiver - Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Financials Certified Professional Consultant Waiver Form
scwaiver - Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Supply Chain Certified Professional Consultant Waiver Form
atawaiver - Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Applications Technology Certified Professional Administrator Waiver Form

April 19, 2007

Blog Author chosen as OAUG Member of The Year 2007

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) hosted the family of Oracle Applications users worldwide at the most comprehensive Oracle education event of year — COLLABORATE 07: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community in Las Vegas, NV from April 15-19, 2007
At the Annual Meeting of Members, the blog author was awarded "Member of The Year" award for his contributions to the Oracle user community.
The award citation includes reference to this blog as one may read below:
"......has been an active member of OAUG for the last seven years. He formed the Procurement SIG (PO SIG) in 2002 and was the SIG Chair until 2004. Today, the PO SIG meeting is the largest at any conference....... founded the Contracts SIG in 2004 and continues to be the SIG Chair as the group continues to gather community momentum. Contracts SIG has been the first to host a joint SIG meeting (with Advanced Pricing SIG at Openworld 2006) and SIG within a Geo Meeting (with NorCalOAUG at Training Day 2007). This month, the SIG further expanded to include Peoplesoft Contracts with a new co-chair. The focus of the Contracts SIG is now the entire ‘Quote to Renewal’ flow.
......was the first chair of the OAUG Technology Committee, a position he held for two years and was involved with OAUG web redesign project and several enhancements.
.....contribution for OAUG Skills Marketplace and OAUG Community Forum design and rollout were also significant.......continues to be a member of the Technology Committee........ is a firm believer of OAUG as an education forum .....is a member of the OAUG Education Committee as Order management Content Manager. He was responsible for developing the Order management Track at Collaborate ’07.......has presented 35 whitepapers OAUG Conferences and Oracle Openworld......when he has spare time beyond his significant contribution to the user community, spends time on writing blogs.... is a featured blog author on Oracle Blogs and writes a blog on how to become an Oracle EBS OCP and another on EBS Release 12"

April 9, 2007

What's the password for OUKC?

On one of my blog postings in Feb'07, I had mentioned about Oracle University Knowledge Center (OUKC) that has several practice tests available. I had attempted the two practice tests - '11i10 Payment and Expense Management Implementation Champion Awareness Assessment' and '11i10 Payment and Expense Management Implementation Champion Proficiency Assessment' before I wrote the beta exam for Oracle Payables 11i Fundamentals. I'm happy to inform that the practice tests were indeed of great help as I don't need to take the exam anymore!

Some readers have asked for the password to OUKC. One needs to get a OUKC passport from the
OUKC Home Page
If your organization is an Oracle partner, go to the OUKC Partner Page to complete your registration

April 6, 2007

It's time for you to be "Almost Famous"

Some of our blog readers may have taken the beta exams in 2006 and early 2007. With the beta exam test results being announced by mid April'07, some would have passed all the exams in a chosen track. These brilliant minds would be the first ones to be the coveted E-Business Suite Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) !!
If you are one of those who have passed one or more tracks, please share your experiences and tips with other blog readers. Please write to me directly and I'll conduct a mini-chat as part of the "Meet the OCPs" series!
Congratulations in advance to the new OCPs in our midst.
Please let us know who you are.
It's time for you to be "Almost Famous"

April 4, 2007

Win $5000 in prizes from Oracle Metalink

For once, digressing from topics related to E-Business Suite OCP. I thought there maybe experts in our midst who are looking for a forum to express their talent. This is for them:
Showcase your expertise and knowledge of Oracle products and technologies with your peers in the industry through Oracle’s Customer Knowledge Exchange, the online customer channel that enables you showcase your expertise, build your own customer network, and share news and information with your peers.

Beginning April 1 through May 15, 2007 share a case study or other experience with Oracle products and technologies and become eligible to win one of the following prizes:
Grand Prize: $5,000 Oracle University Scholarship will be awarded to the “Top” contributor selected by the Oracle Knowledge Selection Committee. First to Contribute, First to Win - Gift certificates of $100 to the first 20 contributors to have their article published in Oracle MetaLink – Customer Knowledge Exchange.

Selected documents featured in one or multiple Oracle publications or websites (Including Oracle Plugged In customer newsletter, Oracle Magazine and Oracle MetaLink News). Increase your chance to win by submitting multiple documents! Join the Oracle MetaLink Customer Knowledge Exchange now!

April 3, 2007

New OCP Track - Applications Database Administrator

Good news for all our Application DBA friends!
There's a certification track introduced just for you.
During the beta exam testing phase, one of the certification tracks launched was 11i Applications Technology Certified Professional Administrator track. This certification has been now renamed as Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional.

The Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional track would consist of the following exams:
1Z0-235 Applications DBA Fundamentals I
1Z0-236 Applications DBA Fundamentals II
1Z0-233 Oracle 11i Install Patch and Maintain Applications

The exams for 1Z0-235 Applications DBA Fundamentals I and 1Z0-236 Applications DBA Fundamentals II are based on the hands on courses Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals I, Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals II and Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning. Thus, one who is already Oracle 9i DBA OCP or Oracle 10g DBA OCP need to take the 1Z0-233 Oracle 11i Install Patch and Maintain Applications to be certified on this new track!

The exams for 1Z1-231 Implement Oracle Workflow 11i and 1Z1-232 Oracle 11i System Administration would perhaps be added to either an existing track or yet a new certification track which may be launched later this month or the next.

Incidentally, the beta exam test results are expected to be released by April 8, 2007. Hopefully, some of our blog readers would be the first one in the world to be 11i E-Biz OCPs this month!

April 1, 2007

Blog Author is a contender for OAUG Member of The Year award

The blog author got this e-mail from the Oracle Applications User Group last week:
" I hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to check with you to make sure you know about the Meeting of the Members event at Collaborate. You were nominated for Member of the Year, and we will be announcing the winner there. It will be held on Wednesday, April 18th from 12:30 until 2:00. (Lunch will be provided there). I have attached a flyer with further details......."
It would be great to meet some of the readers of this blog at the Collaborate07-Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, April 15-19, 2007, in Las Vegas , Nevada.