August 3, 2008

Nano9s on 1Z0-204 R12 E-Business Essentials

Many of our blog readers are taking the first steps of getting certified on R12 tracks. A lot of requests have come in for sample questions on 1Z0–204: E-Business Essentials exam. Since Tutor documents are available for the 11i version, topics related to new R12 features have to be reviewed either from the E-Business Fundamentals Student Guide or the User Guides. To get a quick overview of the differences in the exam topics for 11i and R12 versions, please review to earlier blog post – “What’s the Diff?”

For the next four weeks, Nano9s on this exam would be posted with particular emphasis to R12 functionalities. Answering the Nano9s would provide you a quick assessment of your preparedness. The topics for this exam may be familiar to most certification candidates and hence there may be a strong urge to cram for the exam over a week or even a weekend. It is advisable to avoid such an exam preparation strategy. Instead make a study chart by assigning at least 2–3 days on any given topic (a day or two for reading and hands-on practice on the system and another half or full day revising the key concepts). Since most of the test takers also have a day job, the time unit of measure of a ‘day’ here may be equivalent to just two to three hours since that’s what one can spare early morning or in the evening after a full day at the office. Even with this relatively slow and steady approach, the exam preparation time would be less than a month. The idea here is to make small improvements daily in one’s knowledge base – a kaizen approach instead of a big bang kamikazee cram.

Click on the link here to answer the Nano9s on 1Z0–204 E-Business Essentials.

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