August 31, 2008

Running a different race for a change

In 25 cities around the world and in a few thousand others, a global race with a difference was run today. The event was to run for 10 kilometers for charity.

The race was sponsored by Nike Plus. Every mile run with Nike+ products and on race day would decide how much is donated to each charity. The charities that benefited from this race were Lance Armstrong Foundation , UN Refugee Agency and World Wildlife Fund .

Ever since I ran a half marathon earlier this year, I have been looking forward to another run for a cause. I also happened to be project leader for our organization's volunteer program for this event. It felt good to run a 'human race' for a change that raised millions of dollars today. It was quite difference from the every day rat race!

The distance was enough to break sweat but not impossible. Just over an hour from the start, I was back collecting freebies from the Nike store. While I was running, I kept thinking how the 1-1.5 hr time window also matches the OCP exams. The exams should be challenging enough to break sweat but not impossible to complete!

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