August 18, 2008

Solution Key for Nano 9s on Sys Admin Fundamentals

Preparing for R12/R11i System Administration Fundamentals (1Z0-206 / 1Z0-232) has several bonuses. Several of the topics included in this exam overlap with E-Business Essentials exam (1Z0-200/ 1Z0-204). Hence, a detailed preparation for the Sys Admin exam would be sufficient to cover the requirements for E-Business Essentials exam. Similarly, due to the overlap of Workflow topics, the preparation for the Workflow exam (1Z0-231) would benefit from the Sys Admin exam prep.

Please find below the solution key for the Nano9s for Sys Admin Fundamentals. The correct answers are indicated in italics and in bold.

Q#1: Arrange the successive layers of access control in the correct order:

[a] 1- Data Security; 2-Function Security; 3-Delegated Administration; 4-Role Based Access Control; 5-Registration Process; 6-Self-Service Approvals
[b] 1-Function Security;2-Data Security; 3-Role Based Access Control; 4-Delegated Administration; 5-Registration Process; 6-Self-Service Approval
[c] 1-Function Security;2-Data Security; 3-Role Based Access Control; 4-Registration Process; 5- Delegated Administration; 6-Self-Service Approval

[d] 1-Function Security;2-Data Security;3-Registration Process;4-Role Based Access Control; 5-Self-Service Approval;6-Registration Process

Q#2: Which of the following are correct statements regarding pasta printing?

[a] It is an Oracle Applications utility
[b] Provided as an executable named FNDPASTA
[c] Works best for Italian localization only (i.e. Italian Pasta)
[d] Handles multi-lingual text using UTF8 character set

Q#3: Which of the following value set types can one configure?

[a] Independent
[b] Interdependent
[c] Dependent
[d] Table
[e] Special
[f] Pair

Q#4: Which of the following layers of access control can be managed by local administrators?

[a] Data Security
[b] Function Security
[c] Role Based Access Control
[d] Delegated Administration
[e] Registration Process
[f] Self-Service Approvals

#5: Users can request additional access through which of the following feature within the application?

[a] Clicking on Help icon
[b] Standard Alert
[c] UMX Access Request Tool (ART)
[d] Concurrent program

#6: You have been asked to reset the application password for user: OCP.ADVISOR@GMAIL.COM Which profile option would stop you from entering the following password: SUCCESS ?

[a] Sign-on Password No Reuse = 30
[b] Sign-On Notification = Yes
[c] Sign-on Password Length = 6
[d] Sign-on Password Hard To Guess = Yes

#7: Which of the following are the optional layers of access control ?

[a] Data Security
[b] Role Based Access Control
[c] Registration Process
[d] Function Security
[e] Delegated Administration
[f] Self-Service and Approvals

#8: You have been asked to check the default printer set for user OCP.ADVISOR@GMAIL.COM Which application table would you query to find the value?


Q#9: You modified the existing printer setup information of Printer HPLJ2000 by editig the Printer Style in Oracle applications. In order for the change to take effect, what is the next step that you should do?

[a] Restart the database server
[b] Restart the concurrent manager
[c] Restart the database server and application server
[d] Ask the user to log out and log in again
[e] Pray that the changes have taken effect
[f] Bounce the Apache

There would be more Nano9s on Sys Admin over the coming weeks. For the R12 beta exam, one has to be fast to win the race against time - as fast as lightning bolt or Lightning Bolt!


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