September 8, 2008

Nano 9s on Order Management Fundamentals

Ever since the Nano9s were introduced on this blog nearly two months ago, more and more readers are testing their preparedness by attempting these mini tests.

This post features the last of certification tests for EBS not yet covered on this blog - 1Z0-221/1Z1-226 for R11i Oracle Management Fundamentals. For those preparing for the R12 beta exam (1Z1-226), a brief comparison of the exam topics with the R11i exam (1Z0-221) would provide a perspective of new topics that need to be reviewed. For those preparing to upgrade their OCP SCM 11i certification to R12 OCE certification, this analysis might be helpful too.

Since the R12 beta exam (1Z1-226) consists of both Inventory and Order Management areas, the exam content for Order Management has been curtailed to some extent. The introduction sections on 'Overview of Oracle Order Management' and 'Order Entities and Order Flows' in R12 (1Z1-226) closely echo similar topic in R11i (1Z0-221) namely 'Order to Cash Lifecycle' and 'Oracle Order Management Process'. While 'Bank Reconciliation' sub-topic is missing, 'Manage Quotes' makes an entry in 1Z1-226.

The R12 exam is based on the Oracle University course for Order Management Fundamentals. Hence, the chapter titles on Oracle Inventory setup for OM, Oracle Receivables setup for OM, Shipping Execution setup and Basic Pricing setup (including Price book feature) are listed as exam topics. As expected 'Multiple Organization Access Control setup' debuts on the R12 exam. 'RFQs and Quotations' and 'Holds, Order Purge and Exception Management' is introduced as a separate exam topic.

The Nano9s are meant to provide just a flavor of the certification exams. Questions presented on Nano9s may not resemble the actual tests and neither claim to be one. As mentioned multiple times on this blog, exam questions tend to be more like mini-case studies and not direct setup/configure/feature questions. This week the Nano9s on Order Management have been developed using that mini case study approach and the similarity with the exam questions might not be much varied for a change.

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