May 22, 2008

Subscribe to Oracle Certification E-Magazine

Did you ever wonder how to stay up to date on your current or upcoming Oracle Certification? Apart from reading this blog very often!

Well, there's good news on the horizon - Oracle has launched a brand new Oracle Certification E-Magazine.

Oracle Certification E-Magazine would appear in your e-mail inbox as long as you have created a profile on and have checked Oracle University updates or soon to be introduced "Oracle Certification" setting on your profile.

There are over 40 certification tracks of which 5 new tracks are for R12 Oracle EBS alone.

With over 440,000 Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) and Oracle Certified Experts (OCE) worldwide, you are surely not alone!

May 8, 2008

Visit the OAUG Knowledge Factory

It's great to be back after a couple of months break from blogging. In the last few months, I had been part of two marathon efforts - one was a R12 upgrade project on a single global instance and the second one was running a marathon itself. With both those successful efforts behind me, I would be dedicating myself in once again to grow the population of the Oracle Certified Professionals and Oracle Certified Experts community.

As most of our blog readers are aware, the beta testing period for R12 exams end on June 30, 2008. There are still seven more weeks that are available to prepare and take the exams.

So why not visit this OCP/OCE blog everyday and answer a 10 question mini mock test that would be posted every day from Friday, May 9th.

I had the opportunity to attend Collaborate'08 the premier Oracle Applications users group conference which was held this year in Denver, CO in mid-April. At the conference, I had the chance to meet members of the global Oracle Applications family including several superstars. One among whom was the CIO of Breg Inc, Steve Romeo who won the Tech Executive of the Year award this week from the San Diego Business Journal. Steve is also featured in the latest issue of Oracle and Profit magazines. Steve unvieled the latest offering from OAUG called the Knowledge Factory.

The Knowledge Factory is completely community-driven, and has been created by and for Oracle applications users to provide a forum for the acquisition, management, storage and dissemination of user knowledge in today’s rapidly changing business environments. This fresh, evolutionary resource offers you multiple opportunities to connect with peers and experts, exchange advice and experiences and advance your understanding of the Oracle family of applications through blogs and discussions, peer-to-peer networking and conference paper database open to all Knowledge Factory members. For all aspiring OCP and OCEs, I strongly recommended a visit to the Knowledge Factory.