January 7, 2009

Deltas For R12 Betas Expiring Soon

A little over 3 weeks to go before the first two EBS R12 exams complete the beta testing period. For those who had taken the 11i OCP EBS Supply Chain Certification exams - Oracle Purchasing 11i Fundamentals: 1Z0-222 and /or Oracle Order Management 11i Fundamentals1Z0-223 , these two beta exams:
1Z0-225: R12 Inventory and Purchasing Fundamentals
1Z0-226: R12 Inventory and Order Management Fundamentals

are bridge exams to get certified on EBS R12.

In two blogposts a few months ago, the deltas or differences between the 11i and R12 exams were highlighted. Here are the links for the deltas for the following:
R12 Inventory Exam Content

Since the R12 exams are mega exams - involving two modules, one would expect the Inventory section and the second section would be Order Management or Purchasing. To complete the discussion on the deltas for the R12 Beta Exam expiring at the end of this month, please find below the analysis of the delta for R12 Purchasing Exam content.

There is quite a substantial overlap of the 11i and R12 Purchasing Exam content. Considering the fact that R12 is being promoted as a "Global Release for Global Companies", the R12 exam content includes sub-topics related to business processes of a global enterprise. For example, for the topic on Enterprise Structure one needs to review multi-org consideration in defining inventory orgs; for the topic on Document routing and approval one needs to review multi-org considerations including routing across business groups; for the topic on Suppliers review global vs local suppliers; for the topic on Approved Supplier list review intercompany sourcing rules and processes; for the topic on Purchasing Accounting review key accounts, accouting events and accounting entries.

One of the most visible R12 new functionality is the the Professional Buyer's Workcenter. This is a new topic for the R12 exam. Sub-topics includes how to use the workcenter to manage requisitions, standard purchase orders and blanket purchase agreements as well as condct negotiations and supplier management.

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