January 6, 2009

Oracle SQL Expert Certification : A Hidden Gem For EBS Professionals

Close on the heels of the previous blog post on ETRM and IREP, it might be relevant to highlight one of the hidden gems of the Oracle certification treasure chest - Oracle SQL Expert Certification.

For the Oracle EBS Professionals, knowledge about SQL is necessary for ad hoc queries, data extraction for reporting, alerts and even setups for table validated value sets, approval management engine, workflow and many more. Skill set requirements for today are more for a techno-functional expert. SQL and PL/SQL are still an useful weapon to have in one's arsenal. Notwithstanding the onslaught of XML and BI Publisher, a foundation in SQL would go a long way in situations such as troubleshooting.

The following Oracle University courses can be taken for the exam: Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL OR Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL OR Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I and Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals II

The 1Z0-047 exam qualifies one for Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert credentials or helps you in the quest for Oracle9i DBA OCA certification or Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate certification.

There are several exam study guides available for SQL exams. A exam preparation guide being released in May-June 2009 is the "Oracle Database SQL Expert Exam Guide" by the popular author April Wells.

In case you find it difficult to get access to a test database like Oracle EBS vision database or your organization's test database, may I recommended that you download Oracle Express Edition or Oracle XE from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Oracle XE is one of the most popular downloads with its own mini database schema that you can practice on. Also one the other popular download on OTN is the SQL tool - Oracle SQL Developer.

Have you already taken the Oracle Database SQL Expert Exam? Please share your exam preparation and test taking experiences with our blog readers.


  1. I am going to get some training from Oracle. My company is paying. I am going to use a combination of computer training, as well as in person instruction.

    - Maintenance Man

  2. Hi, what's the isbn of the book you mention in this blog entry? Can't find this book with Author "Wells" and the other author "O'Hearn" book is way overdue to be available according to publisher date. Thanks.

  3. Hello everyone - I'm the author of the book shown above, from Oracle Press, titled "OCA Oracle Database SQL Expert Certification Exam Guide", and I'm happy to say that it's finally out. You can find it in bookstores online and in local shopping malls.

  4. Hi Steve:
    Congratulations on your book launch.
    Please let me know if I can review your book.
    Your publisher can send me a copy.
    My e-mail address is mohan.dutt@gmail.com in case the publisher wants the shipping details.
    Best wishes,

  5. Title not available in india

  6. not avaialable outside the states, the realease is becoming a joke, when is it out in the UK?

  7. I finally got the book from Amazon US. All UK online shops (theregister, whsmith, amazon uk) kept delaying release date. donno why?

  8. me too , i got it from ebay..finally!!

  9. Hi, I baught this book and looks pretty user friendly, but i am not sure, if i can prepare on my own and then give the exam, with out any hands on/ online training from a Oracle certified instructor. I want to know if self preparation is eligible to give the certification exam.

  10. The book is Enough for you to prepare for the exam. It has good material for the exam topics.

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