February 9, 2009

Featured Expert Wins Oracle ACE Award

The blog editor is delighted to announce that one of our featured experts, Ben Prusinski, has won the prestigious Oracle ACE Award.

Heartiest Congratulations, Ben!

Our OCP Blog community is very proud of your achievements.

In the past few months we have featured Oracle experts who have received Oracle ACE award just after the 'Meet the Experts' interview was published.

Is this sheer coincidence or a hidden criteria to win the Oracle ACE Award?

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  1. Congratulations Ben on becoming an Oracle ACE.

    Yes, Mohan (OCP Advisor), Even Chen Shapira got an Oracle ACE Award after her interview introduced in your blog.

    You are really doing a great job Mohan.

    We all thank all and appreciate you.

    Keep it up.

    Sabdar Syed.

  2. Regards
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