September 23, 2010

Your OCP Advisor Presents 10 Steps To Success

Oracle Certification Roadshow at Oracle Open World 2010

September 22, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Presentation: BIP with BIP

Many thanks to nearly 200 audience members who attended the presentation entitled:
Best Implementation Practices with Business Intelligence Publisher, a.k.a. BIP with BIP at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 on September 20, 2010. The presentation can also be downloaded.

September 19, 2010

365 Countdown Tweets for Oracle OpenWorld 2010 - Now Available

I have been posting a countdown for Oracle OpenWorld 2010 for the past year. Today, all 365 countdown tweets are available for you. I hope the countdown tweets provided interesting nuggets of information to my Twitter followers.

If you would like to have a copy of all 365 countdown tweets, please visit
Many thanks in advance for your generous donation and seeking a copy of the countdown tweets.

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Live from San Francisco - this is Oracle OpenWorld 2010!

September 18, 2010

My Oracle Open World 2010 Agenda - Day I to Day V At A Glance

September 19, 2010 - Day I (click here)

September 20, 2010 - Day II (click here)

September 21, 2010 - Day III (click here)

September 22, 2010 - Day IV
                                               (click here)
September 23, 2010 - Day V

My Oracle OpenWorld Agenda - Day IV & V

Wednesdays or Day IV at Oracle Open World is the big keynote day and also the Customer Appreciation event day. The morning keynote features Michael Dell and the afternoon keynote is the State of Oracle address and more from Larry Ellison.

There are nearly 500 sessions on Day IV.

Here is my session agenda for the day:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010:

8:00 Open World Keynote on IT Innovation, S319182, Moscone North, Hall D -
Michael Dell of Dell Computers and Cadir Lee of Zynga (makers of Farmville and Mafia Wars online games that you will seldom miss on Facebook)

10:00 Oracle Fusion Applications: Adoption and Deployment Overview, S318137, Moscone West L2 Room 2002 / 2004 - Steve Miranda, Oracle

11:30 Oracle Fusion Applications: An Intro to Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager, S318647, Moscone West L2, Room 2016 - Mandar Borkar, Oracle

13:00 Using Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator for Rapid Desktop Integrations,S318129, Moscone West L2, Room 2024 - Ambale, Oracle

14:30 Oracle Open World Main Keynote, Moscone North Hall D - Larry Ellison, Oracle

16:45 Oracle E-Business Suite Technology: Vision, Release Overview, Product Roadmap,S318122, Moscone West L3, Room 3002 / 3004 - Lisa Parekh, Oracle 

19:30 onwards  Oracle OpenWorld Appreciation Event, Treasure Island, San Francisco featuring acts such as Black Eyed Peas, Don Henley and Berlin.

Here is my session agenda for the final day of Oracle Open World 2010:

Thursday, September 23, 2010:

10:30 Ten Tips on Earning and Using Your Oracle Certification,S317408, Moscone South, Room 303 - Paul Sorensen, Oracle

12:00  Ten Steps to Success: Your Oracle Certification Advisor, S313368, Moscone West L2, Room 2016 - I am presenting
13:30  Oracle Fusion Financials Overview, S318301, Moscone West L2, Room 2002 / 2004 - Rondy Ng, Oracle
(Same session also on Tuesday, September 21, 17:00 in Moscone West L2, Room 2002 / 2004 )

15:00 Reasons to Get Certified on Java, Oracle Solaris, and MySQL Now  , S317410, Moscone South, Room 301

16:00  It's a Wrap! Yerba Buena Gardens - Sponsored by Tsingtao

Swing by and help close out Oracle OpenWorld 2010 at the annual It's a Wrap! event in the Howard Street Tent. Stick around to enjoy local talent and food and to make plans for reconnecting with your newly formed network of peers at Oracle OpenWorld 2011! You'll be glad you did.

September 17, 2010

My Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Agenda: Day III

There are more than 600 sessions scheduled on Super Tuesday, September 20, 2010. Like a thousand other attendees, I will be following my Session Schedule using the Oracle Now App for iPhone which was launched today.

Oracle Now has the following features:
News—Customizable filters let you track Oracle news specific to your interests

Events—Experience Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop on your mobile device, plus learn about and register for Oracle events worldwide
Webcasts—Discover more about Oracle technologies through expert-led webcasts
Blogs—Participate in an on-going dialog with your favorite Oracle bloggers
QR Code Reader—Scan matrix barcodes for instant information on your mobile device. During Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop, look for matrix barcodes on demopod signage.

Here is my session agenda for Day III:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8:00 Open World Keynote, Intel on Cloud Computing, S319180, Moscone North, Hall D - by Thomas Kurian, Oracle and Thomas Kilroy, Intel

9:45 Visit to OTN Lounge and OCP Lounge

11:00 Oracle Fusion Applications Overiew, S318276, Moscone West L3, Room 3002 / 3004 - Steve Miranda, Oracle
This is one of the forty two sessions on Oracle Fusion Applications at Oracle OpenWorld 2010

12:30 Inside Oracle Fusion Applications: Understanding the Foundation, S318744, Moscone West L2, Room 2001 - Markus Zirn, Oracle

Probably I may not be able to attend the above session at 12:30 since I have been invited to Oracle Users Group Leader Appreciation Luncheon by Oracle.

14:00 Oracle Fusion Procurement: Next-Generation Supply Management Applications, S317197, Moscone West L2, Room 2001 - Meg Lloyd, Oracle

15:30 Quick Wins That Will Make You a Hero: Oracle Financials, S318295,  Westin Market Street Hotel, Metropolitan II - Amrita Mehrok, Oracle

Amrita is from the same B-School where I did my MBA and needless to say I am very proud of her achievements and her leadership role at Oracle.

16:45 Oracle Fusion Mobile Apps Testing by Oracle User Experience (UX) Team. I have volunteered for Usability Feedback session. This is not on the Schedule Builder. The sessions are being conducted at Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco. So, if you are interested to participate please drop by and say hello to the Oracle UX team.

There are 2 meetups that are happening in the evening and I will try to attend both: My Oracle Support Community Meet-Up and Blogger Meetup.
For My Oracle Support Community Meet-Up at the Tilt Arcade in Metreon, you have to collect 2 stickers from the Demogrounds at the Upgrade Advisor demo.
For Blogger meetup, the details can be found on the Pythian Group blog.

September 16, 2010

My Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Agenda: Day II

There are more than 500 general sessions on Day 2 - Monday September 20, 2010. The morning keynote is much anticipated as Mark Hurd debuts as Oracle President on stage. I have two back-to-back presentations and given the distances between hotels I may have to run with my laptop to reach in time.

Just today Apple iTunes App Store has a new app for Oracle OpenWorld (see photo of the App on my iPhone). The application has Schedule Builder as one of the features and now I have all my session schedule accessible on the go!

Here is what the Day II Schedule Builder looks like for me:

Monday, September 20, 2010

8:00 Open World Keynote, S319178, Moscone North, Hall D - , Mark Hurd, John Fowler and Ed Screven from Oracle with Noriyuki Toyoki from Fujitsu

9:45 Visit Exhibition Hall

11:00 42 Examples of Oracle Fusion Middleware in the Real World, S315677, Moscone West L3, Room 3018 - Debra Lilley, Fujitsu

12:30 Top 10 Recipes from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Financials Cookbook, S316415, Westin Market Street Hotel, Metropolitan II  - This is my first presentation session at Oracle OpenWorld 2010

14:00 Best Implementation Practices with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, S319049, Moscone West L2, Room 2014 - This is my second presentation session at Oracle OpenWorld 2010. I am collaborating with one of the gurus of BI Publisher - Brent Lowe of STR Software who also writes the very popular BI Publisher Blog - The Lowe Down.

15:30 Oracle Accelerate: Strategy for Midsize Companies, S318254, Westin Market Street Hotel, Metropolitan I - Mark Johnson, Oracle

The session I wanted to attend was Oracle E-Business Financials: Vision, Release Overview, and Product Roadmap but it is already full!

17:00 Upgrading to Oracle Financials Release 12.1: A Technical Perspective, S317988, Westin Market Street Hotel, Metropolitan II, Enda Hu, Oracle

There were several invites for evening parties that I was fortunate to receive. However, I volunteer for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they have a Bone Marrow match event called 'Cause for Celebration' at Palo Alto. So I will miss out on the night life at San Francisco while forty thousand visitors help the local economy. 

Day III schedule appears next!

September 15, 2010

My Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Agenda: Day I

The countdown to Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is nearly over. I have been tweeting a countdown for 362 days now and it will conclude this weekend. For a complete list of all 365 tweets, please click here to find how you can get it.

Pre-conference buzz is already around next release of Oracle Exadata and possible announcement of Oracle Fusion Applications General Availability. Other topics of interest to many include Cloud Computing and Oracle Fusion Middleware to name a few. Navigating through 2400 sessions and selecting the ones you are planning to attend with a conference brochure will be quite a task. I think it is best for attendees to log in to the Schedule Builder and add sessions to their schedule. It is handy to carry a printout of your own schedule and not miss out on the sessions and keynotes. For popular sessions, if one is not pre-enrolled, then there is less likelihood of getting a seat as room monitors allow pre-enrolled attendees to enter the presentation hall first. This time the conference is being hosted at 10 hotels. So unless you were wearing a running shoe like one I intend to wear, sprinting across venues will be quite a challenge in high heels.

For those who have not registered for the conference and are interested to see the agenda, the Open World Content Catalog is the place to visit.

The Oracle Open World Agenda Focus On Page is a great starting point to review sessions for a specific stream or service offering from Oracle. Download the Adobe Acrobat document for the stream or streams of your choice and then go to the Schedule Builder to add your session.

The conference starts on Sunday with User Group Forum and mySQL Sunday sessions. Though the conference formally ends on Thursday, Java University sessions are scheduled on Friday. For those traveling to California, a week spent in the romantic city of San Francisco with a tour of the Wine Country in Napa Valley and Sonoma is highly recommended. To put my own suggestion into practice, I have created my personal schedule on the Schedule Builder. So here is my Oracle OpenWorld 2010 agenda for Sunday, September 19th. Over the next 4 days, I will reveal my schedule for the conference.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

12:30 Oracle Application Express Introduction and Overview, S318497, Moscone West L2, Room 2016 - Scott Spendolini, Sumneva

13:00 OAUG General Ledger SIG Meeting, S318407, Moscone West L3, Room 3001 - I am hosting with Mohan Iyer, FSCP Solutions

14:00 Planning for Oracle E-Business Suite 12 , S319291, Moscone West L2, Room 2022, James Utz, IT Convergence

15:00 OAUG Contracts SIG meeting, S318369, Moscone West L3, Room 3002 -  am hosting the meeting in absence of regular SIG Chair, Chiranjib Sarkar

At the same time OAUG Fusion Council Panel Discussion is happening at Moscone West L3, Room 3016 but alas I can't clone myself.

16:00 OAUG Procurement SIG meeting, S318411, Moscone West L3, Room, 3006, Ketan Thanki, Ameron

At 16:30, there is a much hyped session by Debra Lilley of Fujitsu which is intriguingly titled as "Stay Away If You Are Technical: This Is Oracle Fusion Middleware for Business", S315685, Moscone West L2, Room 2010

17:00 OAUG Upgrade SIG meeting, S318420, Room 3012 at Moscone West L3, Room 3012, Kaberi Nayak, MITRE

17:30 Welcome Keynote by Larry Ellison at Moscone North, Hall D

Now you don't need a GPS to track me at Oracle OpenWorld 2010!

September 12, 2010

Top 10 Things To Do At Oracle OpenWorld 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is just one week away. Over the last few days I have been reading with interest several blog posts of things to do while at the conference. So before I add my list of "Top 10 Things To Do At Oracle OpenWorld 2010", let me list the links to other interesting suggestions that you should also review before you catch your flight to San Francisco, California:
1. Scott McNeil of Oracle Enterprise Manager team suggests Top 11 Things to do at Oracle OpenWorld 2010
2. Jim Lein, Marketing Director for Oracle Accelerate has 5 tips for a great stay at San Francisco during Oracle OpenWorld 2010
3. Floyd Teter, Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) Vice President previews Oracle OpenWorld 2010 in a Businessweek Podcast

I have been a regular at Oracle OpenWorld conferences since 2001 and like thousands of other attendees I look forward to the next big product announcement from Oracle. This year, I expect the Oracle Fusion Applications General Availability to be announced during the Opening Keynote Session on September 19th. So apart from attending that session, here are my top ten things to do at Oracle OpenWorld 2010:

10. Attend Special Interest Group meetings hosted by OAUG on Sunday, September 19th including the OAUG GL SIG session in Room 3001 at 1pm chaired by your blog author

09. Attend the exclusive briefing by leading industry analyst Ray Wang on Sunday, September 19th afternoon. One can send a direct message on Twitter to @rwang0 for an invite registration code

08. Attend the highly anticipated keynote session by Mark Hurd on Monday, September 20th and other keynotes delivered by Michael Dell and Thomas Kurian.

07. Visit the 400 Exhibit Booths and meet Oracle partners as well as visit Oracle demo pods. Get to know about new product launches as well as collect enough SWAG to cause your luggage to be over the weight limit!

06. If you are a fellow blogger, do join us at the Blogger meetup sponsored by Pythian Group on Tuesday, September 21st. If you are an Oracle customer, you may like to attend the My Oracle Support Community meetup on Tuesday, September 21st

05. Drop in at Hotel Parc 55 for some brilliant unconference sessions - for a complete list click on the unconference wiki page

04. Hang out at the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Mason Street Tent and meet the Who's Who of the Oracle world including ACEs and ACE Directors

03. As many presentations one can attend on Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Development and Architecture. Here are a list of sessions for  Oracle Fusion Development and Architecture.

02. Listen to Larry Ellison's keynote on Wednesday, September 22nd where Oracle Fusion Apps and Cloud Computing is expected to be the key topics for the sermon to the faithful congregration

01. Attend Oracle Appreciation Night on Wednesday, September 22nd and dance to Black Eyed Peas, Steve Miller Band, English Beat, Don Henley of the Eagles and Berlin.

Stay on till the end on Thursday, September 23rd and attend the 3 Oracle Certification related sessions in the morning and let your hair down one final time at the It's A Wrap Party in the afternoon.

September 6, 2010

Oracle Certification Related Sessions at OpenWorld 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 has 2400 sessions listed on the agenda builder. 
There will be several concurrent sessions happening across multiple hotels in San Francisco. It will be a great practice for my next half-marathon event to race across the various venues just in time to present one of my five sessions. The Oracle OpenWorld content management has done a very commendable job trying to fit 2400 sessions in a 5 day schedule. Assuming there were no session overlaps, Oracle OpenWorld would have been a 96 day event!

September 23rd (Thursday) seems to be a must-attend day for certification aspirants. There are 3 certification related sessions scheduled:

10.30 am, Moscone South Room 303 - Ten Tips on Earning and Using Your Oracle Certification

12.00 pm - Moscone West Room 2016 - Ten Steps To Success: Your Oracle Certification Advisor

3.00 pm - Moscone South Room 301 - Reasons to Get Certified on Java, Oracle Solaris and MySQL now

A visit to the OCP Lounge and meeting the OCP Program team is also on my agenda.

On September 24th, that is on the day after the conference, the 12th Annual Java University event is scheduled at Moscone Center. For a few additional dollars, there is great hands-on training led by experts.

Like most conferences, attendees like me look forward to SWAG (Stuff We All Get). Pictured above is the "Oracle is Easy" t-shirt from Smartdog Services from last year's Oracle OpenWorld. I will post photos of interesting SWAGS from Oracle OpenWorld 2010.

September 4, 2010

Time To Get Almost Famous: Get Featured On My Oracle OpenWorld Presentation

On Thursday, September 23rd, I am presenting at Moscone Center West Room 2016 at 12 noon. My presentation is entitled: Ten Steps to Success: Your Oracle Certification Advisor. Originally, I had planned to be eco-friendly and recycle the content I presented at COLLABORATE10. To my pleasant surprise I found that Oracle Certification Program team is presenting a very similar sounding topic: Ten Tips on Earning and Using Your Oracle Certification. I talked with my good friend and mentor, Harold Green of Oracle Global Certification Program Team. In order to avoid overlapping content, my presentation will focus on a candidate's exam preparing and test taking experiences while Paul Sorensen, Oracle, Group Director, Oracle Global Certification Program will speak on Oracle certification tracks, Oracle certification process and how to leverage your Oracle Certification credentials for career advancement.

This year will be the tenth year I will be presenting at an Oracle conference. It all started at Oracle OpenWorld 2001 with an intriguing title - Eyes Wide Shut: Migrate Anything to Oracle E-Business Suite. The presentation discussed more about an application migration framework and less about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Over the last ten years I have been fortunate to travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing, London and dozens of cities in the United States preaching to the choir as an Oracle Evangelist. Oracle OpenWorld 2010 will feature my 50th presentation and here is a great opportunity for YOU to be featured in it.

I am looking for Oracle Certified Associates (OCA), Oracle Certified Experts (OCE), Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) and Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) to share their certification journey as part of the presentation. If you are interested and want to be featured, please send me an e-mail to and indicate whether you have OCA, OCE, OCP or OCM certification. I will send you a short questionnaire to get your inputs. I am hoping to feature at least one case study each on OCA, OCE, OCP and OCM certified professionals. I promise to include the name of everyone who responds in the acknowledgment slide of the presentation.
Being featured on an Oracle OpenWorld presentation has its benefits - you will soon be famous if you are not one already! It is time for you to get Almost Famous!