February 24, 2011

Be Featured on My Next Presentation, Win Amazon Gift Certificates

My next presentation is at the annual Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) conference called COLLABORATE11 in Orlando, FL.

The session is entitled:

"OCP Advisor's Tips on How To Become An Oracle Certified Professional"

If you are Oracle Certified, here is your chance to win Amazon.com gift certificates!

Please list your Oracle certifications with year you were certified as a response to this post or e-mail me at ocp.advisor@gmail.com

I will select 4 certified professionals and include their certification story in a detailed case study. If you have any tips to share, please post here or send an e-mail. Also responders will be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the whitepaper.

Thanks in advance and best wishes for your certification plans!

For a list of sessions being hosted by your blog author, please visit the COLLABORATE11 Session Search page and select Speaker Name: Mohan Dutt

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