January 31, 2011

Get Certified on Oracle Unified Method (OUM)

Oracle launched E-Business Release 12 on January 31, 2007. Exactly four years later, Oracle has launched an universal project management methodology called Oracle Unified Method (OUM). Oracle is evolving the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) to achieve the vision of supporting the entire Enterprise IT lifecycle, including support for the successful implementation of every Oracle product. The popular Oracle implementation methodology called AIM is being retired on January 31, 2011. Other legacy methods such as AIM Advantage, AIM for Business Flows, EMM Advantage, PJM and Compass are also being retired.

Oracle Unified Method can help you develop and implement technology-based business solutions with precise development and rapid deployment. OUM can be tailored to support your specific project situation. OUM includes ready-made templates for work breakdown structure and risk management. Specialized templates are available for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Integration, Custom Software, Identity Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) projects.

Your blog author was a delegate at the annual Oracle User Group Leaders Summit from January 24-26, 2011. Following the Summit, Oracle graciously offered OUM training. Your blog author was fortunate to undergo OUM Certification training and is now certified at Level 3. Level 5 involves demonstration of the use of OUM on a live project. Level 1 training introduces OUM core components, structure and principles. Level 2 training is a deep dive on the 3 OUM focus areas - Envision, Implement and Manage. Level 3 training is on Gathering Requirements and includes a deep dive on Use Case approach. The OUM Level 1, 2, and 4 training courses can be taken online through Oracle University. The OUM Level 3 training course is a 3-day, instructor-led offering.

Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Partners who participate in one of the Knowledge Zones have access the OUM method pack, training courses, and collateral from the OPN Portal at no additional cost. Oracle customers can also get OUM access when they sign-up with an engagement with Oracle Consulting. For more information about OUM, please contact ominfo_us@oracle.com

Oracle Unified Method (OUM) certification is a great addition to your skillset. This is a great value-add to Project Managers , implementers and even application support team members as the methodology covers the entire software lifecycle and not only limited to projects. OUM incorporates Agile techniques and Scrum methodology. The core philosophy of OUM is an iterative approach to process improvement following the "Do A Little, Think A Little, Do A Little" paradigm.

January 10, 2011

Oracle Certification Discounts

Frequently, I get e-mails from blog readers asking questions about discounts for Oracle Certification exams. 

Oracle has a Workforce Development Program (WDP). This initiative allows education institutions to deliver Oracle training as part of certificate and non-degree programs offered via Continuing Education. With this, WDP will allow for easy and low-cost access to Oracle training in local communities across the country.Check the WDP website

Specifically for students who seek a career in Oracle technologies, Oracle Academy Program is a good place to start. Check for schools in your country for low cost Oracle eduction and certification.

If you are planning to take an Oracle University course as part of Hands-on Course fulfillment and then write the exam, a Certification Value Package is a great option for you.The value package includes the course fee, a certification exam voucher and even a free certification exam retake voucher (in the unlikely event that you have to take the exam a second time).

Lastly, for those looking at the ultimate discount and with no hesitation for a little extra effort there are Beta Exams that Oracle offers for new certification tracks. The Beta Exam is only available for testing appointments during the Beta Exam Period. Beta exams contain more questions than the final version of the certification tests.Beta exams contain 175-200 questions compared with approximately 50-100 questions on a production exam. Beta exams usually allow 3-3.5 hours for completion. With the higher number of questions, you may not have as much time to spend on each question of a beta exam as you will during the final exam. You also may not have as much time at the end of the exam to review your answers.Passing a beta exam is the same as passing a production exam. For example, if you were to pass all the beta versions of the exams required within an Oracle Certification path, you will earn your Oracle Certification credential and receive the certificate in the mail.