February 1, 2012

Thanks Google Adsense! Sponsors Wanted!

Hundreds of clicks every week on this blog adds pennies to the dollar. The generous folks at Google Adsense check the meter reading and send in a small check once in a few months (actually when the total crosses a hundred dollars).
This blog is a not-for-profit exercise and I hope to pay back the amount I received from Google in the form of Oracle Certification Exam Vouchers for a lucky reader or two. Greatly appreciate the Pay Per Click (PPC) spend of Google advertisers on my blog.

On a related note, the blog author invites sponsors to display their ads on the blog in return for sponsorship of exam vouchers to our loyal readers. Corporations interested in sponsorship may e-mail OCP Advisor at ocp.advisor@gmail.com


  1. Sir, i have cleared my OCP exam from the Pearson VUE, and after that i received two Certificates from the Oracle University.
    1) SQL Expert
    2) OCA Certificate
    But i could not find the 3rd modules certificate viz. OCP.
    Therefore, Sir if you may provide any information regarding the Certification Process...
    it would have been very helpful to me.

  2. Google to Retire Hosted Domains Product within AdSense... What you say???

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    What this numbers means?
    I do not know. Maybe nothing.

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